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Etekcity Digital Multimeter with Backlit LCD

Etekcity Digital Meter

The Digital Multimeter by Etekcity is one of a kind! It comes with a backlit allowing you to see what current voltages are on the batteries you have while the lights are low. You will never have a problem reading the numbers as they are large and dark. 
Pull out stand to keep it up right!

The main purpose of a Digital Multimeter is to test your batteries and help you acknowledge what voltage amount is left. This can be very helpful for many reasons. 

You may want to save some cash and use what little charge may be left on some batteries, but u might not know if they still have any charge at all. You can even test 9V which is awesome a pleasant perk of a Etekcity Digital Multimeter. 
Nice size Digital Multimeter!

The product itself is nice and small, fits in the palm of your hand and evne a pocket. You can travel with it and even get the results you need in a few seconds!
The light is the best when your working at night!

The buttons are easy to operate, you can easily understand where to put each part that is included, the directions even help you figure out what each part of this Digital Multimeter does.
Instructions included!

I really enjoyed using this to test a few of my old batteries, since I love to reuse and use all of the power from each battery that got taken out of other things early. I was even surprised I could check my reusable batteries to see their amount of charge and power as well.

This is a wonderful gadget and better that it has a backlit LCD screen!

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