Thursday, August 21

Donner True Bypass Boost Killer Effect Pedal, Rich Distortion Sound

A Beautiful Way To Boost Effects!

This is a Terrific product created by Donner, The Donner True Bypass Boost Killer Effect Pedal. It provides the perfect pitch and sound you want every time!

This particular pedal by Donner is perfect for creating a pure and clear sound. You'll be giving your music the best in rich distortion sound, while also giving a strong and powerful sound over all!

It really is a wonderful product, and comes in 4 different colors. 
black green silver yellow.

Doesn't take up much space and is all there for you, just attach and your ready to rock! The LED light will turn on to indicate its working, and the product is going to only provide you with top of the line, high quality sound effects.

If your interested in the purest and greatest sound effects for your guitar, check out Donner True Bypass Boost Killer Effect Pedal here:

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