Aug 15, 2014

Beyond IQ Book Review

Put Your Brain To The Test!

Beyond IQ 
Scientific Tools for Training Problem Solving, Intuition, Emotional Intelligence, Creativity, and More
by Garth Sundem
240 pages

Beyond IQ is an interesting read, very useful for building your brain power and teaching you to open your mind to new ways and possibilities. The book is filled with plenty of creative and skill full activities that take a lot of brain power to figure out. If your into puzzles that this book will cover your crave for all types.

The book is created by Garth Sundem a author of many books that require your brain to be in use. He is known by many wonderful magazines such as Esquire, Wired, Men's Health and a bunch more. Some of those I do read myself, and find very interesting. However, this book that he develop really is engaging and won't be your typical look through and just read from front to back. Instead, your doing puzzles and working your brain out. That's right, your actually putting your brain to work almost like being in a classroom figuring out a math problem. 

Your not only using this book as a reference to understand what an IQ may be and how it effects you, but your building yours up! You could go from not understanding a situation to acknowledging something as fast as 1 minute of looking at it.  
I really enjoy reading this book with a piece of paper and pencil, and than trying to figure out the problems every day trying to increase the time it takes me to do so. 

With the Beyond IQ book you'll:

Increase Memory
Boost Brain Power
Understand Problems Faster
Recognize Patters Better
And A Bunch More!

If you want to improve your brain and  learn a few steps to do so. than please take a look at this book here:

Also find out more about the author and the book here:


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