Thursday, August 14

Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Lashes

Thick And Long Lashes Instantly!

Thanks to Bella Eleganze Mascara for a wonderful eye lash extending mascara!

Some of us go through life without long lashes, and either get extensions or add fake ones on to get that look we crave!  It is always a look of beauty, youth and just girly to have long, thick, and beautiful lashes. 

So today I was able to review a product called Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Mascara, a thickening and lengthening product for beautiful long eyelashes. You no longer need to fake it or add those growth ingredients to your eyes and wait to have those long lovely lashes!

The Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Mascara arrives in a nice, easy to open and close case. It almost appears like an eye glass case, but it really is a magnificent looking case and the product arrives perfectly stored inside. The two pieces are under a strap, keeping them from falling all over or out once you open the case. You do get a white paper with instructions and ingredients of the product.

The Two different Tubes included in the set:
  • One tube contains the transparent gel that seals in the Green Tea Fibers. 
  • Second tube contains those Green Tea Fibers that your locking in to lengthen your lashes.

The brush is very spaced out, giving you those thin, expanded lashes without giant clumps. This even is beneficial inside the tube, your not going to end up after awhile with a messy thick glob on your brush.

I love the definition, the easy step by step applying and just the feel and look of having long and thick lashes. You won't have to ever worry that this product would be running down your face or easily falling off your eyes because it's waterproof. However, there is a simple way to remove the product is with warm water and facial cleanser.

It really is a big chance in appearance and increases my lashes a whole lot! I do agree that this is probably adding 3x's the length than what i normally had, and I didn't need to wait or attach anything irritating on my eyes to get that look!

You will really enjoy this product, and its only using natural Green Tea Fibers, not any fake ingredient to give you that look you always wanted.

If your interested in trying this terrific Bella Eleganze 3D Fiber Mascara, please go to the link below:

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