Friday, August 22

3 In 1 Aluminium Kickstand & Tripod Mount Stand

Multipurpose Stand For Phones
 And Tablets!

Thanks to Charger City for a wonderful product!

When you can have more than one thing covered in a product, than it's worth a try! That is why, I am glad to review the 3 in 1 Aluminium Kickstand and Tripod Stand. It's a kickstand for using your smart phone and tablet on, It's a tripod mount for photo and video recording, and than its also your stylus to play on your phone or tablet with. It really is a cool product and different than anything on the market!

  • First, the tripod mount is handy for taking photos and videos of friends or anything you really like. You can have it on hand when every your out on the road, vacation or just in the backyard. Since the 3 in 1 easily attach to the tripod of your choice, you will never be far from a hands free extender for magnificent snapshots or recordings.

  • Second, the kickstand is also a wonderful feature. It will hold your tablet and cell phone with ease, and you can play your games or watch videos any place you like. Therefore, You can have your tablet playing a movie or music and not worry that it will blow over, and will stay at perfect angle for viewing.

  • Third, the stylus is always a great tool to have for your phones, especially Apple products! I love the thickness of this stylus and how it feels in the hand. You can really draw or doodle and not have thin or small lines all over the pages, when your working with a thicker and nicer stylus like the 3 in 1. Your kids would even enjoy this for doodling and writing things down. The stylus works with all phones and tablets, allowing for you to use everday and on all your electronics.

I really enjoy the concept, how much it saves you, and how beneficial it really is! You can do so much with this product and it helps out alot. A perfect gift, as well as for those who enjoy the ability to have 3 products they would normally use like the tripod, kickstand, and stylus with them at all times.
Absolutly, a terrific product in my opinon!

Great for many cell phones and tablets, here are a few:

Apple Iphone 5s 5 4s
Samsung Galaxy S4 S3 S2 Note 1 2 3 
HTC One 
LG Optmius 
Google Nexus 4
Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD 
Sony Xperia Z X L ion
many more!

You can get the 3 in 1 Aluminium Kickstand In your home with the linke below:

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