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2 Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler + Giveaway

 Brilliant Eyelashes Fast!

Thank you Bella and Bear for this wonderful eyelash curler!

Did you ever notice how your main focal point on your face is the eyes? In away, they are the main place everyone sees when your talking to someone, just walking down the street or taking a walk through the store. It is the main thing everyone is going to notice. So when we want to look wide awake even if we didn't sleep well or make our eyes appealing and pretty we focus on our eyelashes.

Many of us find that the eyelashes are a view of youth and beauty, the longer the lashes the better! Therefore, thanks to a company known as Bella and Bear they have created a product that will make your lashes stand out from the crowd! 

The product is called the 2 Eye and Mighty Eyelash Curler, which is super durable and strong to curl those lashes up and out! This product would benefit you by making your eyes look wide away and flirty as well!

Here is what your getting with 2 Eye and Mighty Eyelash Curler:
  • No pain - you won't have that annoying pinching that you get when using a cheap made curler.
  • Strong slip free handle- no more difficult grasping the lash curler, allowing you to easily place and curl your lashes.
  • Ergonomic design- made to capture all of your lashes at the same time.
  • Spring design- allows you to easily curl your lashes, without exerting so much pressure to curl them. 
  • Satisfactory- knowing this is the only one you'll ever need to get those great lashes every time!
I know that many of us struggle with cheap and even some expensive lash curlers to only have our eyes look great for about an hour, till our lashes end up uncurling. I never could stand lashes that don't stand out and find it to be a waste if I'm using so much pressure, holding the position for so long and ending up getting my curled lashed uncurled in just a few hours.
If you want long lasting and stunning lashes, than Bella and Bear have you covered. The 2 Eye and Mighty Eyelash Curler only took me 10-15 seconds not 20-30 to get the lashes I desired!  The handle was easy to hold and a lovely color, which is cute! I love how big the holes are on the handle for an easy fit for my fingers. The curler has a nice opening to fit my long lashes inside, while any length can easily fit into it. The use of this only took me one try to get my lashes curled way back, giving me the appearance of long and wide flirty looking lashes.  I felt like they grew just with a use of this product and bonus when applying
mascara, your going to have even larger looking lashes!

This product really does work wonders, and makes my confidence raise as well as my face look gorgeous! I think anyone who wants to have those dreamy, sexy, and flirty eyes should take a look at this product for themselves or as a gift.

If you would like to try the 2 Eye and Mighty Eyelash Curler, than take a look here:

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