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Words For Pictures by Brian Michael Bendis

Lets Learn To Write And Create 
A Comic Book!

The Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels
by Brian Michael Bendis &  foreward Joe Quesada
224 pages

Brian Michael Bendis is a well known comic and graphic writer. He has been behind all those wonderful hero comics and books.
Some of these are the Avengers, Spider Man, Xmen, Marvel and a bunch more.  Brian has been awarded for his wonderful comics and books, as they always brought a smile to our faces.

Today I have for you a new book called Words For Pictures. In this book, your learning a bit about the writer, Brian and how went to be a well known writer for these hero based comics. However, when you read forward into the book your understanding how these modern comics are made.
The book explains the steps taken to make the well known comic book script from making a script and the artwork, than how to merge them together and lettering.  When you get into the book, you'll notice the wonderful images and examples throughout this book. So you get a full view of what goes on when building your own comic book.

The books cover and photos are really breath taking. A great way to present to others some examples of comic strips and wording emerged to give you a comic you'll want to read. I really
 loved that its easy to read and understand, with some true life events that Brian had to face when he started out. It shows that there is some difficulties to getting started, but as you keep going and stay strong you'll finally get where you want to be, just never give up!

If you need some inspiration and guidance to comic book writing, than please take a look of it here: 

Here are some other pages you can check out about the author and the book itself:

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