Friday, July 11, 2014

Urban Watercolor Sketching By: Felix Scheinberger

Not Your Typical Learning Guide!

Urban Watercolor Sketching
A Guide to Drawing, Painting, and Storytelling in Color
By: Felix Scheinberger

This book is really different than what I figure it would be about. This book covers all different techniques and ideas for adding color to your sketch work. In away it reminds me of classic illustration from books I seen when I was young. It is like partial sketch work with a splash of watercolors in some parts.

It has many different photos and examples of adding these splashes of colors while partial of it is drawn sketch work. Its a twist of painting and sketching, which I never really knew much about. However, it does really seem like an interesting book. I only got a little read, but so far I am enjoying the information that explains the background of watercolor and different ways it is being used.

You will learn a lot about water color paints and how they are made and where it comes from. Plenty of back history in this book as well from past centuries and the uses across the world.

A few items learned in this book would be:

  • washes, glazes, and wet-on-wet
  • materials and supplies to bring on your travels
  • little-known tips and tricks
  • inspiration seeking

You won't have to worry if your just beginning to sketch or paint, this can be for you and even the well skilled artist. This is a very unique and different book, but if your interested in learning anew twist on sketching and painting which is using watercolors than I would suggest you take a look at this book here:

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