Monday, July 7

Tidestore High-Low Dress

 The Tidestore Maxi Swallow Tail Dress!

I am in love with color, but sometimes its fun to have a piece that would fit any day of the week and match with all the different accesories, shoes, or bags you own. has given me a chance to make up a wish list and choose from there what I would love to own.

Therefore, today I am in the Lovely Split Joint Maxi Swallow Tail U Neck High-Low Dress, a real wish come true.

My dream dress is a reality!

It moves with ease and so comfortable. You can go any place with this. Not only is it great for casual get togethers or parties, but just any occaison. 
I love the mix of black with the white horizonal line below. To make this dress even better is the design of high-low, giving you a flowing tail while still showing off your legs in front.

 It is a wonderful Maxi Swallow Tail Dress.

The back is wide open and great for letting your body breath while the tail flows in the wind. 

You can pare this with some pumps or a pair of sandals, and still what every you choose it will look gorgeous!

This is just one of the items you can get at a great price from So come check this site out and find your dream dress, I know I have.
Tidestore is a leading shop in china that always has fashionable clothing at reasonable prices. They deliver all over and they save you the time to drive to a store for a outfit, when all you need to do is order.
Thank you Tidestore for a magnificent dress!

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Thank You 

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