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Super Stitches Sewing by Nicole Vasbinder

Super Stitches Sewing
by Nicole Vasbinder

Paperback book
176 pages

This book is very helpful for those who are starting out sewing and using a sewing machine. I just got myself a machine and used it for a little bit. Unfortunately, I had no idea how to really use the other stitches or at least remember how to re-string the machine. I am glad it came with a instruction's manual, but It doesn't have anything to help me with ideas what I could do with my machine.

I've been searching on youtube, and online for different ideas. However, it isn't easy if your looking at something that don't explain every step easy or slow enough to follow.

Therefore, I came upon Super Stitches Sewing. It is a book by Nicole Vasbinder, and has so much details and ideas for the hand and machine sewer.  There are over 57 machine stitches and for the hand sewer there are 18 different types.

What makes this wonderful for me is that I will actually use this book often. It has everything I need to fix and design clothing, I could even attach new pieces to different outfits or fabrics. It is like a dictionary, full of useful and successful ways to sew and stitch correctly. You will learn which needle to use or the type of thread and fabric. These are very important when sewing, some depends on the fabric and item being made because using the wrong type just won't hold together for very long. Also, using a fabric that isn't a match for your machine may cause it to not work as you want it too.

I am actually thankful to have found this book, I always was curious how to sew by hand correctly and the string you may use in a machine. Plus, this book gives you a step by step tutorials, which make it way easier for those who are visual learners and love to have words as well to know what each step requires.

Here are a few machine and hand stitches that are mentioned in this book:
Zigzag stitch
Ric rac stitch
fix stitch
Walls of Troy stitch
Honeycomb stitch
Feather stitch
(Many More!)

Hand Stitches:
Running stitch
Blanket stitch

(Many more!)

I never even heard of most of these stitches. However, they do sound and look like a fun way to add a different design to my creations, even if its just as simple as making a pillow case. At least, I won't be stuck with the same straight stitch when I can learn to use many different ones from this book.

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