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Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead Audiobook Review

Somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead
by Christiana Miller
Narrated by Marie Rose
Book 1 

Are you into the magical side of things, enjoy true life consequences, or a paranormal urban fantasy story?

Well the audiobook, somebody Tell Aunt Tillie She's Dead by Christiana Miller, narrated by Marie Rose will have you smiling for more. It has a real life feel to the story, using many familiar places, and known characteristics of people you find in the world today. It has Mara the main character, reading her tarot cards finding out her fate was not going to end well in her upcoming future. However, she tries her best to work with all these horrible outcomes that come her way. Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be easy when her nightmares foretell how bad it would be and all the signs she notices every day. As Mara knew by the cold feeling of negative and bad energy around her. She knew that her luck wasn't going to change.

I really was interested in finding out more and more, once I began listening. It really has you craving for the next chapters ahead. You really want to know what will happen to Mara next! It's a really an interesting book, she faces so much being a witch and yet this negative energy just makes it worse.

I loved to be in a world that takes you to a place not your own. Even though, I do believe in Wicca and magical forces working around us. I do think this takes you to a mindset that you can, anytime in your life meet the same faith as a witch or without magic!  The narrator Marie Rose, of this audiobook made the story come to life! It has an easy to understand, yet sass to the main characters Mara's attitude. She is really like a friend you may have or even could be yourself. The attitude and words used in the book, would sound just like everything people say in public. Therefore, this story got a realistic feel from destinations, movies, and personalities of people mentioned.

It made me feel as if I'm hearing from a friend, her story that day and everyday or even watching a movie. How well written and the descriptions to every moment and object mentioned, it just sounded so real. I think it would be a great movie or  TV series, if had a chance to be.  I enjoyed the main character and the obstacles she faces and those other kooky characters that she meets throughout the story, even that friend Gus.

If you want have an interesting and realistic story than this would be a great book to listen too!  You get it all, the magic, fantasy, and realistic feel of everyday life in a book.

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