Wednesday, July 30

SammyDress Clothing Review

Sammy Dress Make's Simple  Beautiful!

When you think of simple, maybe the idea of a one color dress or piece of clothing comes to mind. Well simple can be fabulous with the addition of any dazzling detailed designs on an outfit or some dazzling jewelry.

Today I have for you my Sammy Dress outfit that I feel has all the glamour without a expensive price tag!  

The dress I am wearing is called the Solid Color Sexy Style Criss-Cross Spaghetti Strap Slimming Dress For Women

Very simple yet has that nice slimming effect in the waist and the flowing bottom allows you to be effortlessly slim and beautiful. 

Great to wear out as a causal everyday dress or even with the additional sparkle you can make it a party dress as well!

This works wonders for showing off your legs and those lovely arms that get covered up all winter long.

I didn't stop at simple, yet went with something to add a little dazzle and sass to this dress.

I chose a great pair of Party Women's Pumps With Pointed Toe and Cross-Straps Design

Giving me that sexy cross strap holding close around my ankles.

The additional height from the shoe, allows your legs to show off there toned, and slender look.

Now no dress is complete with out some dazzle. Therefore, the Chic Star Pattern Round Ring For Women and Exquisite Diamante Ocean Blue Heart Pendant Alloy Necklace For Women making this a complete fashion statement!
Chic Star Pattern Round Ring For Women

 Exquisite Diamante Ocean Blue Heart Pendant Alloy Necklace For Women

The star pattern in the ring makes for a sparkling yet simple design that only gives your hand enough dazzle, with a slim design to elongate your fingers.

The necklace gives you that girl girl look and sparkle that everybody loves with the sun or any light hits the pendant. 

There is nothing you can not get when you shop at So allow SammyDress to be your store, and never overpay too much for fashion ever again!

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