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Foundations in Comic Book Art by John Paul Lowe

Adding Art To Your Comic Book!

Foundations in Comic Book Art
SCAD Creative Essentials (Fundamental Tools and Techniques for Sequential Artists)
by John Paul Lowe
160 pages

The author John Paul Lowe is the creator of Foundations in Comic Book Art and has been teaching in Savannah College of Art and Design in 2002. He really did an outstanding of book and using so many different techniques that you would never dreamed of. Many who are beginners may find most of these ideas very creative, and helpful. I actually find this book to be great to try new techniques to draw more attraction to my artwork, and change the style I do things up as well as learn new ways to be creative with art.

I love the art work of the characters and designs in this book. It really is a helpful and yet interesting book to take a peak into. This book will help you get the tools and tips needed to create a comic book. Most of the time comic books are used just to glance in for the art work and not much of it is for reading a long story. However, the pictures tell the story and each page keeps you engaged. The Foundations in Comic Book Art  is a wonderful
book to help bring your creative pictures to live and how to make them engage your reader, and steps to get you started in unique designs and ways to make your art work outstanding.

I really love how much information this book has included inside. You will really get a visual view and written words to guide you on drawing certain items as well as exercises to help grow your creative mind.  Imagine making your work come to life and be published in a comic book store, with all those wonderful photos of comic art. It's very easy to follow the step by step guide to making your pictures a certain way, such as black and white art work and making items that should be viewed 3 dimensional. 

Very helpful for a beginner to learn to draw and get an idea of how to draw your items to capture attention. I think anyone could pick this book up and learn easily with the guidance it provides. 

There is nothing I can say I hate about this book, Foundations in Comic Book Art. It is wonderful and a great guidance tool.

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Author: http://www.randomhouse.com/author/189302/john-paul-lowe


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