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Etekcity S200 High Precision 5 Button Wired Optical Mouse

A Mouse Worth Gaming With!

Thank You Etekcity for the wonderful gaming mouse!

When you are working on your computer day in and day out, you need something that can work as fast as you do. The Etekcity S200 High Precision 5 Button Wired USB Optical Mouse is a perfect product to deliver you control of your computing needs. 

First lets start with the wonderful controlling ability of this mouse. I mean, your in control of the buttons, which there are five total. The S200 Optical Mouse gives you the ability to change what each button does. If you decide to do this, you'll use a program called the  X-Mouse Button Control. This is than allowing you the ability to choose what you like each one to do. Something a typical mouse wouldn't give you. 

However, the perk doesn't stop there! Your now using something with the ability to scroll smoothly on every page with a DPI as high point of 1600, which is perfect for gaming or those who need to scroll fast. However, with having a DPI setting on this mouse, you can choose to reduce or increase it to either 600, 1000 or 1600DPI. Just do what you feel is comfortable to you. Actually it makes the mouse perfect for others who may use your computer and don't really enjoy that fast pace movement when working or gaming. 

Some of you might not think that having a mouse with this type of stats is really needed, but if your a gamer and one who works in a job, or does anything that needs things done fast than this would really change the way you get things done.

Your having the comfort of the mouse in your hands, no more discomfort or stopping to take a break. The design is sleek and yet comfortable for your hand to grip. The wire is a perfect 5 foot, and once plugged in the mouse glows a beautiful blue color and on the bottom you can tell the red light as it gives you the perfect precise movements by the laser.

I really don't see anything wrong with having something like this in your house. I am a huge online gamer and enjoy PC computer games. This is something that makes gaming a whole lot easier. I can configure the controller to move and shoot the way I prefer it to be and if I invited a friend over to play, they'll have the ability to configure it the way they prefer as well.

Once plugged into the computer, the blue light will glow. Plus
this is easy to install, just plug and let the computer do the rest.

Laser red light, for perfect directional movement.

The benefit this gave me is so much more ease and comfort. I don't just game  all day, I do work. So when I'm typing a bunch of things up and researching on the computer, this gives me that comfort for my hand to keep going and not need to take a break and stretch my fingers out. I can keep on going and going like the energizer bunny. Therefore, I get to finish work faster, and have more game time, without any hand discomfort. My grip stays intact and I play as hard as I work.

Great product and you need to check it out! 
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