Wednesday, July 30

Etekcity® RoverBeats T3 Portable, Mini, Mobile, Rechargeable Bluetooth Speaker

Wireless Never Sounded So Great!

The RoverBeats by Etekcity is perfect for giving your small room the same amount of sound as a regular speaker, but with crystal clear sound and call support!  The CSR Bluetooth chip and bass resonator offer you the clearest and perfect sound you could ever ask for. Makes for your favorite music to be played excellent and no odd off tone beats. Really be a great gift and speaker to have for parties or just about any where you would like to use it. Also, great for hands free call support and has an included built in mic, which you never see in any type of speaker.
Everything is included and you won't need to buy anything extra for it.. Just attach or use the blue tooth capability to any one of your electronic MP3 or other device to enjoy! 

The small size is very attractive and portable. Great product for all day use, any place you go!  The Bluetooth connection works with all Bluetooth enabled MP3, DVD, Laptops, Smartphones, and a bunch more.

Very easy to use and I love that it fits in the palm of my hand, yet provides so much sound for a crowd of people to hear.  It reaches a range of 30 feet, which is a wonderful amount since most don't even get further than two feet or five.
Also the rechargeable battery makes it easier for everyone and saves you in the long run. 
When you charge the RoverBeats the light will be red on the side, and when you turn it on all charged it will be blue. 
Works well with a small MP3 that needs to us the usb cord( included), if you don't have a bluetooth product.

I really have to say this is a terrific product for those who enjoy wireless capabilities.  This RoverBeats T3 Portable Speaker is just a wonderful product and I really love it. I would replace my radio with this any day and can use it to answer calls, which is so awesome!

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