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ChargerCity Tripod MegaGrab

ChargerCity Tripod Adapter For SmartPhones

Thank you ChargerCity for this terrific adapter!

The ChargerCity Tripod MegaGrab Adapter is suitable for any Tripod with a 1/4-20 connection. It is a wonderful attachment to give you that strong hold while photographing or video taping.

Instructions included with the ChargerCity MegaGrab Adapter
This is a perfect fit for the phones listed below with a that :

  • iPhone 6 5C 5s 5 Gold
  • Google Nexus 4 5
  • Samsung Galaxy Note S5 4 3
  • LG G4 G3 Pro
  • Much More!

This is the back of the MegaGrab Adapter and it would be where
you attach to the tripod
This is actually a second version of the MegaGrab Adapter by ChargerCity. It has the ability to also hold a smart phone up to 3.6", with a case. You can pair it with your ChargerCity Tripod and take photos and movies any time you like. The MegaGrab can rotate at a full 360 degrees and gives you a secure firm grip. 

Another perk is that on the side it looks like a place to put the phones charging wire out of the way. 

As well, the MegaGrab as a movement ability to go up and down so you can catch a higher shot with your camera or lower one.

A Ball that allows for adjusting up and down and a full 360 degrees.

I really enjoy this product and it makes for a perfect smart phone holder, when paired with the ChargerCity Tripod.

You can find the Charger City Grip here:

Thank You

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