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ChargerCity Selfie Photo Booth Kit With Pistol Grip

A Tripod  For Your Smart Phone!

When you think of a tripod you probably think of a camera or camcorder, but never using a tripod for a smartphone. Today, with much appreciation for ChargerCity allowing me to review this product. 

It is known as the ChargerCity Selfie Photo Booth Kit with Multi-Use Pistol Grip Tripod Camera Handle. A entire kit for taking stable photo's and videos when ever and where ever!

With this kit you get:

  • A Memory Card USB
  • A Pistol Grip Tripod - able to use as a stand alone tripod or as a stronger grip for phone holding in your hand
  • A Shutter Remote and Directions- able to capture moments from a distance ( cell battery included)
  • Smart Phone Attachment Grip- Can be used to hold your smart phone in place

The ChargerCity Tripod is one of the most supportive product you can buy, without spending too much!

Sturdy on all three

 It has a nice sturdy base with three legs,  which allow for it to stand in a position that you prefer. 

Pistol Grip tripod is comfortable in the hand

The benefit of this one is that it can be held like a pistol and your able to have a better grip on taking photos with this product!

The area under the top part of this tripod has a knob,
 for tightening the smart phone gripper to the Pistol Grip Tripod.

Even other smart phone grippers can attach to this ChargerCity Pistol Tripod.
The Tripod needs no tools to install and has the added attachment for grabbing onto many types of smartphones.

Here is a few of the smartphones (without the protection case) you can attach to it:

  • Apple iphone 6 5S 4S 4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5 S4 S3 Note 2 3 
  • Google Nexus 4 5 Air 
  • HTC ONE (New One M8) 
  • Sony Xperia Z Plus 
  • LG G G2 G3 Pro (up to 3.25"inch wide)

The wonderful benefit of using a tripod is video recording becomes easier and so does photo taking. However, most of us only know of the original ones for cameras and camcorders, but now smart phones are just as powerful as a camera or even better! These smart phones have the new ability to capture photos, and look just as great as a real camera. So why not enjoy using a smart phone the same way as a camera. To capture those nature moments or those family portraits and maybe even video tape that X-mas morning when your little ones are opening up their gifts. I really just adore family and moments that can't be recreated, but captured with a camera or smart phone.

Remote Shutter and Directions 

USB Memory Card , Battery and Remote Control Shutter
So with a tripod such as this ChargerCity Pistol Grip Kit, you'll be enjoying so much more moments without retaking it over a million times. Plus the remote shutter and app included in this kit allows for you to be in the photo or video as well.

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