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Azure Naturals ULTIMATE RETINOL Anti Wrinkle Serum + Giveaway

A Serum Worth Wearing!

Thank you Azure Naturals for the wonderful beauty serum.

Azure Naturals only provides us with skincare products we really can use! They are using potent ingredients with no harsh and toxic chemicals. They want us to always feel and look our best! So today, I am greatful to review this product called Azure Naturals Ultimate Retinol Anti Wrinkle Serum

The Azure Naturals Ultimate Retinol Anti Wrinkle Serum is a combination of a few healthy ingredients like aloe, jojoba oil, green tea, and 10% hyaluronic acid with 2.5% Retinol which creates an ultimate wrinkle eraser. 

To make it simple, first what is Retinol?

  • Retinol - is an active form of vitamin A, a fat-soluble vitamin that is essential to vision and bone development. A few food sources include liver, whole milk, and fortified foods. The body can also convert it to retinal and retinoic acids as found in carotene compounds. This vitamin is also used as a topical compound for treating acne and improving other forms of skin damage from aging and UV damage from the sun.

Therefore, when a product is made for the skin using Retinol, such as Azure Naturals Ultimate Retinol Serum they are providing the skin an easier way to absorb and allow the skin to repair the areas that are affected/damaged. Plus, the fact it's combined with other good for your skin ingredients, Making it Ultimate!

The pump bottle, perfect for the right amount
 to apply on the face.

Clear Serum

Applying to the face and neck

 When using Ultimate Retinol Serum on the face, your actually allowing it to go right down deep into the skin cells and begin boosting collagen production, which will smooth and fix the wrinkles on the skin over time. Therefore, with a daily use of Ultimate Retinol you will see improvements in the skin's texture, tone, wrinkles and fine lines. Right away you may even notice more hydration being added back into the skin, as I have!

For me, after a few days I have noticed these claims by the company, my skin was changing completely. It does take time, but remember with any new regiment the body needs time to turnover a new leaf and fix itself. So don't expect over night you'll wake up with a younger face, but do understand it will get there. 
Also for anyone who is just getting into there 20's or in there 30's, this would be great product to have in your beauty box. It's good to start using this product so your face can begin benefiting and you'll never have to deal with the wrinkles or the dry and discolored skin tone. Instead, you can keep your youthful, beautiful skin forever! So starting early is just as good for you as starting later in life. I think of it as your getting a head start in keeping what you have at a younger age or improving those certain areas on the face. Just think that once you start using this you will see the changes, and they will make you feel beautiful!  

I will mention, after the first day you may even just notice that your skin feels smoother, softer and possibly look a bit hydrated.  I know its hard to just take my word for it, but if your interested in improving your skin than this will really help. I really just can't say how happy I am to have used the Ultimate Retinol Anti Wrinkle Serum. Everyday, I have my hands touching my face because it is so soft and smooth like a baby's bottom. I never really thought of Retinol to be anything important till I got to try it.

Finally, when you choose Azure Naturals Retinol, you won't be getting a product filled with Parabens, alcohol, and GMO's. However, you are getting a high quality natural and organic product, that would be another reason to choose this brand compared to the rest!

so if your looking to fix and repair your skin, deep down in the cells to the outter surface, than please take a look of it here:

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