Thursday, June 12

WindFire Multi-Function 2 in 1 Super Bright Headlamp.

Multipurpose Headlamp 
And Bicycle Light 

Thank you WindFire for a wonderful Headlamp and Bike Light.

The many things we do in life require light. Today I have a terrific product that uses light to show us our path. It can be used on our bikes or on our heads.
This product is called the  WindFire 2 in 1 CREE T6 U2 Headlamp/Bicycle lamp. This product actually can give you enough light for a lifetime, due to the LED light.
Bright LED light with 3x settings.

Here are some specs and benefits of this product:

  • 2 in 1 functions- A bicycle light and head light with a max 1800 lumens.
  • 3 modes - high, low, strobe.
  • Bicycle mount- suitable for the front handle bars at approx. 20mm to 26mm.
  • Bike Light Rotation- Ability to rotate a full 360 degrees
  • The design- waterproof, aluminum alloy case, avoiding high temperature, and anti fall off.
  • Battery required- 2x 18650 3.7v. 
  • Rechargeable Battery- Includes AC Charger.
  • Suitable for outdoor sports -  hiking, camping, traveling, and much more!
  • Mode of LED- 1x CREE XM-L T6 U2 LED

The product is perfect for those nights that you don't have any way of seeing your path. Maybe your like most who enjoy the fun biking at night or happen to hike though the woods. This light will guide you in any situation.
Don't stare into the light, it can be blinding, but does a great job out doors at night!
The craftsmanship is perfect and is built tough for years to come. The band fits perfect on the head and it mounts well on the bike. You can see how it fits my head with ease. It's ability to adjust makes it perfect for anyone's head size. The light is very bright and will illuminate your entire view, where you shine it towards.

I am one for going outdoors, and finding new things. Camping and fishing was a few of the things my family did on the weekends or special holidays, when school was out. However, fishing is now the biggest outdoors activity we do most often. 
Now that summer is heading near, we normally go salt water fishing for the sharks and what else we may catch in the ocean. When heading out at a late time, we are sure to be stuck out in the dark. This product would be the perfect choice for catching a glimpse of the fishing bobber being pulled down, what fish you caught, or even just to know where my line exactly is. 

I'm sure many have used the typical lantern to light their path or the small flashlights that provide only light, but not enough. The 2 in 1 CREE T6 U2 Headlamp/Bicycle Lamp is way stronger, made tough to withstand the outdoors, and is suitable for families who enjoy night time activities.

The battery compartment.

Area you place the batteries. It is the back part,
where your head is touching when placed on.

 Easy to maneuver lamp, going up and down.

To remove from the head band to the bike mount, just squeeze the two pieces

Allows for mounting on to bike with a bike mount.

This is where the adapter plugs in and charges the batteries.

Your receiving pretty much everything you need to use this item. 

Here is where you can buy this terrific 2 in 1 Super Bright CREE T6 U2 LED Headlamp & Bike Light :

Also to mention, the price is unbeatable right now! Which if you compare the lights that go for that price with this one, you'll know that WindFire has built the better one.

Thank You 

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