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The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri

Eco-friendly Pan For Healthy Cooking!

Thank you Ozeri for a magnificent Stone Earth Pan!

The Stone Earth Pan by Ozeri, is a marvelous product in Ozeri's Eco-friendly Cookware line. It's a lovely frying pan with no need for oil nonstick coating and makes for easy clean up .

As you can see the inner part is where the stone speckled color is. The outer part of the pan has a matching grey coating, nice and smooth as well as the inside. To me the color screams the title, The Stone Earth Pan ! It really adds some beauty to the look of an ordinary green nonstick pan.

The reason this is different than most found pans with a non-stick covering, is that is had a coating that doesn't scrape off into your food. The Ozeri team has these pans made with a coating from Germany known as Greblon. This is an ultra-safe 100% Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE) and Perfluorooctanoic acid(PFOA) free ceramic non-stick coating.

What you get with the The Stone Earth Pan:

  • No Harmful Chemicals Or Metals
  • Superior Non-Stick Performance
  • Comfortable Silicon Coated Handle
  • Induction Stove Safe
  • Available in 8" (20cm), 10"(26cm), and 12"(30cm)

These are terrific pans and the one I have in these photos are the 10" sized pan, which does a great job for making a meal for a family or just for cooking larger meals.
Makes great room for cooking up some steak and mushrooms with cheese over avocados.
Plus, clean up is a breeze!

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