Monday, June 16, 2014

The Ozeri Body Tape Measure and Body Fat Test Caliper Combo Pack

Start Measuring Your Body And 
Ditch The Scale!

Thank you Ozeri for a wonderful Caliper and Tape Measure Combo.

If you started a diet plan and notice nothing moving on the scale, with everything thing your doing. Than maybe you should really invest in an inexpensive tool that will prove your TRUE FAT LOST!

The Ozeri Body Tape Measure and Body Fat Test Caliper Combo Pack is perfect for getting your true body measurements and fat that may be around your tummy or any place.

The reason to ditch your scale is because they just lie! I mean, you could be 120 lbs of fat and look different than being 120 lbs of lean muscle. You won't notice the scale moving down but you will look totally different. Since fat takes more space in the body verse muscle making your appearance totally appear different.

Therefore, with this Body Fat Test Caliper you can get the true fat that is around your body when you begin a weight program, than check it after a week or longer and see the difference. Almost, like if you notice no scale difference, but your pants or clothes just fit so much better and looser. Mainly a scale shows you bone weight, muscle, organ and food that may be in your body still as well as water weight. You can't really know if your losing fat with a scale. 

Here is what your getting with this Ozeri combo purchase:

The Body Tape Measures up to 78 inches (200 cm) and has the feature of retracting and locking into place. It also is made of ABS with a vinyl tape for long lasting use.

Chart to see where your
body fat range should be.

Instructions on how to use the Caliper.

The Body Fat Test Caliper is perfect for men and women that categorizes and helps you understand your fat levels. A perfect tool for fat lost during any program you begin. 

It's really a perfect set for those who want to know how to get a true reading of the fat they lost as well as inches/cm.

I always wanted to try this out, since I heard about it through school. The Body Fat Test Caliper is a terrific item and really helps to get a true viewing of what I need when doing any program or day to day analysis of my weight loss.

If your interested in getting a better reading about your fat and inches lost, please take a look here:

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