Friday, June 27, 2014

The New Colored Pencil by Kristy Ann Kutch

Learn To Create Beautiful Art
 By Colored Pencil!

I am a big fan of anything to do with art. I love drawing and painting and so many other crafts. However, some books don't really have enough details or explaining  how to do certain techniques and ways to make a object look a certain way. Therefore, I came upon this book by Kristy Ann Kutch, The New Colored Pencil is vibrant, luminous and beautifully loaded with art. Your not getting the book that explains how to draw a wonderful piece, but your getting images that will leave you stunned! 

This book will begin with how to start using wax colored pencils, and through out the chapters you will learn different techniques and tools to help you enhance your art work. You will even learn how to get the most use out of a color, making it stand out and be the star of the photo. For example an apple, the red would be your main color normally, and with a few helpful guidance form this book you'll be able to enhance it as if it was edible.  

This book is one of the best explained art books I've found, and on wax colored pencils. Kristy Ann Kutch really out done herself with this one.

I enjoyed the images, the easy to understand instructions to make the perfect Color Pencil picture, and what you need to begin drawing in colored pencil.
This is also great for families who have kids that maybe are interested in becoming artists. I'd suggest teenage years would be suitable since it may be tough for the young ones. However, this is a very delightful and excellent book!

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