Thursday, June 19

TaoTronics® TT-SL007 300 Led Color Led Strip Light Kit

Be The Brightest House Around!

Thank you TaoTronics for the most spectacular product I ever got to review!

How it looks in the box, once received.

Today's product is called the TaoTronics® TT-SL007 300 Led Color Led Strip Light Kit, and may I say this is the coolest product ever. Your getting a color changing Led Light strip that can be placed indoors or out.

The wheel of led lights and wires to connect it for power.

The remote control, can use to change colors and speed and variation of the light

The manual

Easy to read, with all the pictures and information.

Here is a quick breakdown of what your getting:

  • Led strip light with 300 waterproof 5050 RGB Led colors
  • 16.4 ft long and 12 v Led lights 
  • Dimming and brightness control
  • Led IR remote control with over charging and short circuit protection, also memory function
  • Change of speed and color control

I never seen so many different colors on a Led Light ever! Most are just like 5, but this your getting like 19. Also, your in control of everything with the use of the remote. The product actually sticks to any place adhesive tape that allows you to apply on any dry and flat surface.

The led lights, how they look . On the other side is the adhesive tape.

You could cut them to fit around your door, your large bathroom mirror, or any room you like, even outdoors. You really will have the coolest house on the block with these!



Just a few colors, there are so many more!

I love the colors, love the control settings where you can change the speed and colors as you like, and most of all I love the fact that they are like super thin and don't look bulky when placed under or on top of any thing.
Another perk, is that your getting such a huge amount you can actually fit it around a couple of things.

You are going to love these very much!! So please while they are at the best deal you can get them, check the TaoTronics Led Color Led Strip Lights out here:

Thank You 

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