Tuesday, June 10

Sharp Shredda Herb Grinder With Pollen Catcher

A Simple Way To Grind
Tobacco, Spices, And Herbs!

 Thank you Vimle for a terrific herb Grinder

Do you love to make your own recipes that call for crushed up spices or herbs. Maybe you're into making your own medicine, fresh spices and herbs for meals, or just about anything with the herbs growing in your garden.

Well today I have a product that will make this easier and faster for you to get nice grinds of your herbs and spices. The product is called the Sharp Shredda Grinder and is created by Sharp Shredda Grinders Co.
Sharp chunky teeth for better grinding!
This is a strong, durable product with chunky teeth design to shred those herbs down to small pieces. No more large pieces will be caught between your teeth or on top of your meal.

Here is why the Sharp Shredda Grinder is a wonderful tool:

  • You get a 4 piece 2" Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher
  • Ultra strong handcrafted aircraft grade anodized aluminum
  • Scratch resistant
  • Stainless steel non-fraying mesh screen collects the most pollen

Filtration for catching pollen and anything else unwanted in your grinds.

So really saves you from getting pollen left on the grind herbs, and it will last for you. The sharp blades will last and give you perfect grinds every time. You can make your own tea, something I would love to do. You also can make your own spice mix for maybe Italian meals or anything you can think of. It always taste good to have natural, fresh flavors on or in your food and beneficial to your health!
Area you place the herbs.
Than  you twist the top and bottom to grind them up!
This can make a great tool for everyone and is a wonderful price for a long lasting product! So if your like me who enjoys to cook, or for those who make their own medicines or make your own cigarettes, than this be perfect for you.

Many possibilities with this tool, so come check it out here:

Thank You

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