Thursday, June 26

Serafino Double Wall 16 oz Iced Tea & Coffee Glasses

Enjoy Having Company Over With These Glasses!

Thank you Ozeri for the lovely product!

When you use a double wall glass your getting so much more than glass, but a strong, stylish and long lasting way to drink your beverage. Serafino Double Wall 16oz Glasses are a popular product by Ozeri. They are a high quality product, that provides you and your guests the elegance and beauty of real glasses just so much better!

Here are the benefits of these Serafino Double Wall Glasses:
  • You get 6 heat and shatter resistant glasses.
  • They all are 16 oz in size.
  • Lovely optical effect, gives your friends and yourself a stylish glass.
  • Cold and hot liquids can be used. 
  • Won't burn your hands when drinking hot tea, coffee, cocoa and many more liquids.
  • Can be used in microwave and freezer safe.

These glasses are so worth the cost! They are wonderful in the winter when drinking your tea, coffee, and hot cocoa to keep warm. They even provide a lovely style while having lemonade or ice tea out doors.

You can have a grilling party, small get together, or any type of event and serve your guests a beautiful glass filled drink. The Double Wall Glass may just make them think you spent a fortune, since they just look that good!

I think at the price you get a simple single wall glass you should just get these. The Double Wall Glasses are going to last you longer, plus just look so expensive. I really love using theses day and night, just perfect for any occasion! If you want you can even buy theses as gifts for a friend, family, or co worker and I'm sure they would love them as much as you would or have.

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