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Pimsleur Italian Language Learning Course

Learn Italian With No Books!

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Italians are all over, and if you love pizza than you will notice many Italian families run the pizza parlors. I have one right by my house, across the street and they are a great family who own the Mystic Pizza. They usually take a vacation and go back to Italy once in awhile. However, they enjoy their business in the US and have built that Pizza place to be better and bigger than it was 15 years ago. The only down fall is that sometimes it is hard to understand what they are saying when they begin to speak Italian.

Everything in the box you'll need to begin this program.
However, I have found the solution! Thanks to Dr. Paul Pimsleur who has created a lesson plan all on audio CDs. The Italian Language Learning Course is a fast and easy way to allow you to understand Italian conversations with other people, as well as anything in Italian that you never could read. It's an easy 30 minutes a day to get from beginner to intermediate in no time.

The tapes are made to allow you to understand phrases, words, and what they mean in English and sound like in Italian. Your getting 16 Audio CD's in a nice box, and is about 16 hours long. It repeats over in each lesson how the words are pronounced with an actual person speaking them. However, unlike most programs you can rest assure that this person on the audio CD's is easy to understand. Plus, they go over the phrases and words through out the 30 minutes in each session.

If you do have a problem comprehending the lesson that day, you can redo it again tomorrow or you can just do it later. Unfortunately, I find it easier if I want to do it over just to wait off and let my brain take a break. If you do it right after each other, you may still struggle as you did in the first time hearing it.

I would also recommend to have a quiet time while doing so. Don't have the TV on or other things running, only if you handle it, but I wouldn't suggest it.
Just think after a few days, you'll be speaking Italian like a pro and your friends and family will be lost in what every your saying, but Italian speaking people will understand.

It's just a great lesson and a great way to save more choosing Pimsleur for learning a lesson with out spending double or triple the price for Rosetta Stone.
This is a high quality product and has been used in the FBI and seen on PBS.

Learning a language comes in handy and is so much fun to be able to comprehend what your pen pals, or friends and others are saying.
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