Monday, June 30

Fashadeslte Sunglasses Arrival

My Dior Sunglasses 
Arrived Today!

A few days ago I did a review on a new online store known as      They have all those popular sunglasses and all at a great price. For doing a review, I was able to actually receive a pair. 

So today I have for you my Dior Sunglasses. Let me say they are just as spectacular in person as they were online. I figure I share them with you. 

It doesn't take long for these to come in, which is wonderful and as you'll see below they come in perfect condition and packaged well.

They arrived wrapped up and in a really nice box!
Brand logo all over the box.

The shape is wonderful and the sides are spectacular!

I love love the size and shape of the sunglasses.

If you want to spend less, as much as 70% less for Ray Bans, Dior, Gucci, or Oakley than check them out here and get yourself or gift someone a pair they'd really love.

No doubt that this site is the real deal, genuine sunglasses shop. 

Thank you Fashadeslte

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Thank You 

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