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Diva d'or Derma Roller

At Home Therapy Dermatology System

Thank you Diva d'or for a wonderful beauty product to try!

Today I have for you is a Diva D'or Derma Roller, one of the top products for fixing skin problems. This is a product that will fix so many skin problems and you don't even need to pay to see a dermatologist, when you can take care of these skin issues at home. A Derma Roller is a needling treatment, and this product has 540 needles made of titanium. A high quality product, and will last a long time without dulling out!

The many benefits of the Diva d'or Derma Roller is:

  • You receive a 540 needle titanium roller with 1.0 mm needle length
  • Free travel case
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • A sure way to rid of so many skin problems
    • Wrinkles - around the eyes, mouth and all over the face
    • Cellulite- perfect to get into those dimpled skin areas and smooth it out
    • Acne Scars - will heal these faster
    • Hair Loss - will promote growth 
    • Stretch Marks-  old or new
    • Plus So Much More!

It really does a great job and I've been using it on small scars I've acquired after a few cooking burns as well as tiny acne scars.

I love the fact that now if I do ever burn my finger and the blister pops I'm not going to be left with a scar. Instead I just treat with the Derma Roller and after a while it be gone, rather than a few months. It really does work, and it works just as good as applying a serum like Vitamin C. However, I also love to use this product on areas I need to treat and apply Vitamin C or Hyaluronic Serum to, so I get an extra boost to healing faster and improving my skin.

The way it feels is like mini pokes, which in my opinion I don't think it hurts one bit. It almost feels like a massage. Another thing to note it has been seen on Rachel Ray and many other shows, so it is a safe and known product that really does work!

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