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DenadaDance Gel Toe Stretchers

Give Your Toes A Stretch!

Thank you DenadaDenada for a sample pair of Toe Stretchers.

DenadaDance Gel Toe Stretchers are among the greatest way to relieve so many feet issues.  They fit like a dream, and can be used by many.

Here is what they could do for your toes:

  • Relieve Bunion Pain, Hallux Valgus, Plantar Fasciitis
  • Relieve Daily Pain -from being on your feet all day 
  • Quick Pain Relief
    • Great for ballet, dance, yoga, and sports activities, or anyone on their feet running errands.

Labeled for each foot. R= right  L = Left

Great fit for each foot, one size fits the average foot perfectly.

You will be honestly feeling relief right when you begin using these. They give your toes a nice separation that will help train them to not be so tight together. If your in heels all day, you begin to feel as if you need to get out of them and put your feet up or in a foot bath. Even thought they may ease the pain, you can use
a simpler way. The DenadaDance Toe Stretchers are going to transform your feet with in just 10-20 minutes a day. I always end up wearing them near 20 minutes because I forget I have them on while laying back and listening to music.

That is one perk, you can do this while doing other things off the feet. Such as reading, watching TV or a movie, listening to music or just about anything you want. It is easy to fit these into your schedule.
Stretches very well to fit your feet, thanks to the gel. It also is very comfortable to wear

The size of these fit my feet with ease, as they are rubbery gel and stretch between the toes. You do notice near the end of the wear a little pain in the beginning when starting this treatment because it is training your toes to stay separated and not so tight together. After awhile, your toes will get use to the Toe Stretchers and you will probably able to wear it longer and longer. So start by doing 10 minutes one day than move to 11 and so on, until you can hit 20. However, you decide to use them, they will work for you!
Front view of my toes and how the DenadaDance Gel Toe Stretchers separate my toes.

Imagine after fixing those feet of yours, you'll be able to dance better, move better, and never have pain in your feet ever again! I can tell you one experience is with my mom, she has horrible toes. Her one toe is actually slightly underneath
the other and always getting a gigantic callus, which causes so much pain. Her method is to cut it off, over and over. However, the DanadaDance Toe Stretchers really helped her spread those toes apart and feel relief in just 15 minutes a day of use. She won't need to spend a pretty amount of money for surgery to fix this issue, thanks to DenadaDance Toe Stretchers.

If you want to try stretching your toes for relief, please take a look at there site and you can find them also on amazon.


Thank You 

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