Wednesday, May 14

SURPAHS Precision Digital Kitchen Scale

Precise Weight Every Time!

Thank you Surpahs for the wonderful kitchen scale!

Have you ever had a scale that read so many different totals when you moved the item in a different spot?

I know I had, and going electric with the ability to give you one precise amount, is so much better!  Today the product I'm reviewing is a wonderful item from 
Surpahs. This product is called the Surpahs Precision Digital Kitchen Scale. It's an electric kitchen scale, with a max capacity of 11lbs/ 5kg.

Here is some specs:
* Stainless Steel
* Easy Clean
* Low Battery and Overload Indicator
* Power On and Auto Off Function
* 4 High Precision Weigh Sensors For Accuracy
* Tare Button Quickly Shows The Net Weight With The Container Subtracted
* Thin Electronic Kitchen Scale, 16mm Thickness

This product is great for the chef in your house and any one who keeps track to what they eat! It is also made for fast-paced cooking, and getting the precise amount of ingredients in their recipes. This scale will read in gram, pounds, ounces, milliliter, fluid ounce and you can automatically convert through the UNIT button.  

It's a very thin scale and a wonderful gadget for the house hold! I love using it to weigh my ingredients and to use it for supporting a healthy diet. 

It's very easy to clean this Surpahs Precision Digital Scale and the color is very sleek for any household! Most of the scales out there are white and like a hard plastic. However, this one is a nice sleek looking silver with black. The numbers are easy to read, and the price isn't too bad at all. 

I love that I can carry it around with ease, so light weight! 
Very much a great product and perfect kitchen buddy.

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