Wednesday, May 14

Surpahs Outlook Precision Digital Bathroom Scale

Sleek Scale With A Handle!

Thanks to Surpahs for an awesome scale!

This scale I have to review is not your typical boring looking scale. Instead, it's a sleek black scale with a handle. This scale is called Surpahs Outlook Precision Digital Bathroom Scale.  

The benefits of this scale:
* Elegant Black Color
* Sleek Silver Handle
* Thinner Design 
* LCD Back-light Display
* Auto Power-Off
* 4 High Precision G Sensor System For Highest Accuracy
* 400 lb/ 180 kg - Weight Limit

Batteries Included!
I love the design and the style. It fits anyone's house hold and is easy to take anyplace, due to the silver handle. The Surpahs Outlook Precision Digital Bathroom Scale is easy to use (just step on), only takes 4 tipple A batteries, and won't waste them due to the auto turn off.  It's simple and an easy concept for those who don't need all that lights and alerts on their scale. The numbers are perfect for viewing and don't add strain while looking down to figure them out.
You won't be disappointed with this scale, and now you can really find your true weight! 

I love it and I'm sure you will too! Wonderful scale Surpahs!

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