Saturday, May 31

Snapp Sandals

A New Style 
Every Day!

Thank you Snapp Sandals for this lovely sample of your product!

Today, I have for you a company that provides you a sandal that can look different when ever you want!  This product is called the Snapp Sandals, a shoe that provides comfort and style anywhere you go. 

Bright and vibrant color!

The product shown here is just 1 style of the 3 they produce. The Snapp Sandals  are sold in several different color combos because you get an additional part that changes the top part. 

Comes with two tops to change with. However, you can get more and
 always have a new style every day.

That is what makes this shoe SUPER AWESOME! It has the ability to be a new sandal when ever you feel like it.  Could you imagine wearing the same sandal all week but never having it look the same. Well this is what Snapp Sandals could do for you!

Bottom of the sandal.

Super Flexable!

The colors are so bright and vibrant and make me think of Spring and Summer. Also they feel on the heel and sole of the foot, feels like your stepping on to a cloud!  
Easy twist in then snap and twist out to change the tops.

When you change the tops, you need to just twist the one top out from three places. The thong part of the sandal and the two back sides. Not hard to do, and very easy. They come out super fast and than you can just twist back in the other top, now you have a new style!

Love these sandals and you will too!  Come check them out here:


A video on the product can be found here:
Snapp Sandals Video

You can contact the company here:

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