Monday, May 12

Rose Wholesale Fashion Arrival

Looking Gorgeous
 Just Became Easier!

Have you ever wanted that matching piece to reflect your personality or maybe just something to give you that new look. Well than this arrival that made my day, may just make yours too!

I was super ecstatic for the arrival of my jewelry today. First thing I did was tear that bag open and all I can say is BRILLANT! I knew right away I had to share them with you. Beauty has just gotten easier and inexpensive with Rose Wholesale. They're just the best and I wouldn't feel so happy if I haven't found them! 

Here are a few of beauties I got today:

Retro Style Cat Ear Shape Ring

The shape is eye catching and the copper reflects the light just perfectly!

It is just perfect every way its worn, ears facing away from you or towards you.

Gorgeous Multicolor Rhinestone Embellished Peacock Shape Bracelet For Women

The colors shimmer in the sunlight and brings the eyes from all over the room.
You will be noticed with this bracelet! 

Fits on the wrist perfectly.

No discomfort or a stone that doesn't shine with every movement.  

Leopard Print Design Wide Women's Bracelets

Let the cat out of the bag and show off your style with this lovely bracelet.
A wide bracelet will make a huge focal point to any outfit.
Comes in many colors and styles for all tastes.

Comes in many colors, which I happen to have the Plum.

France is always a love of mine and this brings it to life for me!
The elegance and stunning colors, reflect a part of France and the colors I love the most. 

The color is terrific for me, It just stunning!

The feathers flow lovely in the wind, while the entire piece dangles along.
It is just perfect for all day wear and makes you feel lovely!

The glamours rhinestones shimmer all over. The chain is a perfect thickness, and length to top over any sweater or top you may wear.

Just because they look so beautiful doesn't mean you need to pay so much! Let Rose Wholesale be your store for gorgeous because I know it will be for me!

If your looking for Gorgeous, for Sexy, and Just Because than Is where you want to shop!

Find them here:


Thank You 

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