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Ozeri Touch II Kitchen Scale, with Microban Antimicrobial Product Protection

Ozeri Touch II Kitchen Scale

Thank you Ozeri for another magnificent product.

Today, I have for you a product that not only will provide accurate measurements, but will keep you healthy and on track with your diet. 

Ozeri a company that is bringing us the best technology money can buy, has came out with the Touch II Kitchen Scale. This kitchen scale is much better than most scales on the market, it provides a protective barrier from stain and odor causing bacteria, but the ability to give an accurate reading at a faster rate.  The scale is made slim for portability, doesn't take up a lot of space, has a antimicrobial protective coating that will never wear away, precise tare buttons that help subtract the container weight while only trying to weigh the food or beverage, and a nice blue back-lit screen for easy reading.

The technology of this product is a step above the rest. It can give that quick read with the 4 high GFX senosrs in the machine. So once I tried it, I notice how fast it was to weigh one product and get it ready for another.  I was easily able to weigh an apple, pear and even pork loin with bone as well as what the meat weighed once the bone was removed. There is actually no stopping this machine! You have
Blue light when powered on
the ability to weigh all those delicious foods and get the exact weight, great for knowing how much calories or what is the correct amount needed for a certain recipe. 

 I was shocked how much better this product was towards an old scale I owned it always gave me a different reading that changed where ever I placed the food and once I turned this device on I had an instant reading with the exact calculation, nothing rounded.

I think this makes life easier, and for a cook or just any one who wants to have a healthier scale in their houses/restaurants than I'd advise them to purchase the Touch II Kitchen Scale.

Finally I'd like to say, I always find Ozeri to have the most stylish technology for the home and they always provide a great supply of products that support us to be healthy.
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Ozeri-Touch II Kitchen Scale

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