Tuesday, May 20

Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale, by Ozeri

Kitchen Scales Just Got Sexy

Thank you Ozeri for a wonderful product!

Ever wanted to weigh your food and know the exact weight? How about weighing in something more fashionable for your kitchen as well?

Today I'm going to share with you a product that will allow you to have both. The Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale is a sleek designed glass weighing platform, with a nice reflective base. This is a product by Ozeri and is a high quality product. It's style is perfectly modern and sleek for many house holds and the color is perfect as well. You can get an instant-response with the Tare button and no need to wait for a result.

Here are the specs:
* Large High-Contrast LED LCD Screen
* Weights In Grams, Ounces, Kilograms, and Pounds
* Sturdy Frame 
* Instant-Response With Tare Buttons
* Shatter-Resistant Glass Weighing Platform

Takes 4 triple A batteries, which are included in the box.
A wonderful design and sturdy scale for the kitchen. Perfect for the health conscious, the cook, and anyone who wants to give or keep one for themselves.

If your interested in Ozeri's Epicurean Digital Kitchen Scale than check it out here:
Digital Kitchen Scale

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