Thursday, May 8

It's Time To Jump Into Shape!

 Thanks to for this terrific work out equipment!

A while back, I found this wonderful company that sells the best jump ropes for anybody! They are called, and are a large supplier of all HIGH QUALITY Jump Ropes that will make for an excellent work out!

Many already know that jump ropes are normally found in many gyms and used by athletes everywhere. They are found on playgrounds as well as in most homes. However, finding a real good rope that won't end up with you using all the money you just made, is most important. Therefore, I want to share with you the beauty of shopping with

The prices are UNBEATABLE! I mean you can get a wonderful rope that fits your every needs at a price that will fit your wallet as well. They even have wholesale discounts as well as same or next day shipping.

I've always believed, ever since I was young that the jump rope is the simplest and fun way to get in shape. When I was young, jumping use to be my favorite outdoor activity on the playground. You can do so many tricks and burn so much calories, as I found out later on. However, when your using a jump rope you don't really think of it as a work out, except it being plain old fun. That's what caught my eye on They provide all types of ropes and each are very unique and fit anyone's personality.
Very nice length and a strong rope!

I was able to review the Economy Beaded Jump Rope, as you see in this picture above. Right off the bat, I can tell the handles are easy to grip and won't slip out of your hand. You can get a good speed going without feeling too much pressure from the handle.  The product does well for a few long minutes straight of use.

Love the long handles, perfect for gripping on.
The handles are long in length, allowing for a better grip, for any hand size. I found that to be  something most ropes will not have, which makes my first reaction to to be very AWESOME!  Plus, not only does it feel better on the hand, but less chance of the rope sliding out from your hands when you accidentally step on the rope or if you slowly loosen up your grip.
Even in the rain, I love to jump!
The color is very bright and fits my personality to a T. I love how I could use this rope to do the many tricks I use to do in my teenage years. Sometimes, I wished I remembered some of those old classic rhymes that went along with it. So far I don't see any problem and doubt their will be for even a novice or pro jumper to use, but remember they have many more on the site and this is just one of their great creations!

You will be very delighted for purchasing a Jump Rope, and you can do that right here:

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Don't let another day go by, when you can work out with a jump rope today!

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