Friday, May 23

Adfilic Spy Pen Camera & Tiny DVR

Capture The Moment, 
Without Anyone Knowing!

Thank you Adfilic for creating a terrific Spy Pen!

Today I have a wonderful techy gadget! This product is called Adfilic Spy Pen Camera & Tiny DVR. This is brought to you buy Adfilic a company that has been working with many different products for security.  However, there are many on the market and none, I have tried yet has held up well compared to this one! 
The Spy Pen Camera and Tiny DVR is the most fun you could have with a pen. It provides a great quality digital video recorder and comes with a free 8gb SD card, which this pen can hold up to 16gbs. Unfortunately, Most Spy Pens don't provide the SD card for saving and capturing the moments your taking. However, this Spy Pen does!

Included 8gb micro SD card.

Charging light is on, plugged into computer with the USB cord.

The hidden camera gives you a great viewing of the video seen on the computer, after you record. The pen takes a great length of 320 minutes of video footage and you can save up to 48,000 photos on this pen when using a 16 gb SD micro card. The format is AVI which is perfect for everyone who wants to share their videos and pictures right away. One thing, you won't have any problem setting this Spy Pen up! I was easily able to spy on my family without them evening noticing, and connecting it to my laptop with the USB cord( included).

The footage was wonderful and It really can take everything heard around the room and mentioned when I was spying. After attaching it to your computer or taking the SD card and placing it into a reader,  you'll be able to share these videos and photos with others on your favorite social networks and through email.
Easy to read instructions.

The manual you receive is easy to read and simple to setting your Spy CamPen up. The USB cord also acts as the charger, so once your pen is losing power you just plug it in your computer's USB slot and it's charging again.
Writes like a normal pen with out any way knowing it's a camera.

This pen has been given pretty good ratings all the time by everyone who uses it. It is top of the line and not your child's toy! You will be impressed with this product and with my full honesty, you won't be disappointed! I really think it's fun and a creative techy gadget that everyone should enjoy! 

This absolutely changed my opinion to small cameras being functional as a real life camera. You can see a full viewing of the recording and no flashing light to give the person beside you a strange look. You can now video record your doctors, your teachers, or anyone that is either doing something bad or maybe just so you can remember something that were mentioned to you.

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