Tuesday, May 13

100% Pure Yacon Syrup

A Dose Of Sweet & Healthy Syrup!

Thank you Islands Miracle for a terrific product to taste!

Enjoy that cup of coffee, tea, or maybe plate of pancakes with some really tasty syrup! Not that Mrs. Butterworth Syrup, the syrup I'm talking about is called
100% Pure Yacon Syrup by Island's Miracle.  This is one terrific sugar replacer! No this isn't a syrup that you use for liquid syrups like maple, honey, agave, or molasses, but this can be used as a real sugar sub.
Molasses and maple syrup in color

You can add this to your warm drinks, in sandwiches like peanut butter and yacon ( a friend of mine use to love molasses on peanut butter sandwiches, why not Yacon), and maybe in some delicious raw recipes as well.
You can do so much with this and benefit with weight loss!

Here is why you should purchase this wonderful product:
*  Raw Organic Yacon Syrup - no fake products or chemicals in this bottle
*  High Quality Product - Island's Miracle selects only the best Yacon Roots
*  Certified Chemcial & Solvent Free
*  Non- Hydrogenated & Non-Gmo
*  Organic/Vegan/Whole Food

Health Benefits:
* Speeds Metabolism
* Regulates Hunger Hormone - helps curb appetite
* Low Calorie
* TV Dr Recommended For Weight Loss

I can tell you that the taste of Yacon Root Syrup is pure sweetness, such as molasses. Rich and thick like a hot fudge syrup. I love to drizzle on my bananas or eat it as is. 

If your interested in living healthy, while still enjoying sweets than check this wonderful product out here:
100% Pure Yacon Syrup

Thank You 

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