Monday, April 21, 2014

Ubooly the toy that interacts with you

Ubooly The Educational Toy For Every Child

Here I have for you a toy that's not only  cute, but actually interacts with your child.  This toy is called Ubooly, an interactive toy that uses the app found on the Apple Store or Google Play for android phones.  When I  first heard of it, I just knew I must own and see what this
critter could do. These little guys are known to be considered the  magical stuffed animals that talk and listen to your kids. You have the ability to customize it to learn the child's name, help teach lessons and much more. I can that leads to endless possibilities, something I've never seen in any of the robotic and electronic toys on the market today.

Their are so many colors to choose from and you can choose one that fits your taste. I chose the pink one which is super cute and the soft fur is so huggable,  something that makes this kid friendly because they want to hold it and play with it. I actually think its so eye catching it makes you want to pick this up and play with it. Therefore, a child that is interested in a toy that amuses them will want to engage in the activities it will teach them.
my pink ubooly = so precious
I know you will love this toy because I've got a chance to try it and I never ever seen something so amazing and helpful. Therefore, I have no dobut you will love it! I can tell you that nobody ever gave this toy a low rating cause it proves to be so educational and helpful for every child that owns one.

You can find them here for purchase: Ubooly Educational Toy
You can also find the site to the Ubooly company and hear all the new info and learn more on the site:

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Gives you 3 free play credits as well when using the app.

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