Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Serafino Double Wall Glasses

Serafino Double Wall 
12oz Beverage & Coffee Glasses

Thank you Ozeri for allowing me to review these wonderful double walled glasses.

Have you ever had a glass that could be put in the freezer, as well as heated?  I know most glasses aren't meant to be used in the microwave or placed in the freezer because they would just shatter. However, Ozeri a company that has been creating new technology and heavy duty products, has created a glass that is elegant for a family or a gathering and it's strong enough to be used with any drink concoction.

The glass I'm talking about is the Serafino Double Wall  Beverage Glass.  It's a terrific gift for giving as well as a house product for yourself. It makes enjoying your most delicious drinks without the heat burning your hand, or having the glass shatter from temperature change or for any strange reason. 

I know from personal experience that my glasses seem to crack if I'm using a cold cup with hot liquids or the other way around.  Therefore, with these glasses you need to know they are made double walled, keeping the hot liquids away from 
ever being felt on your hands, and they are easy to pick up because they are light like any typical glass. The one cool feature is how the double wall gives the glass a interesting optical illusion, making for a awesome piece of drink ware.

I think you would find much use with these glasses, and end up using them daily at every meal, I know I will be.

If your interested in purchasing these for yourself or as a gift, than take a look at it here:
Serafino Double Wall 12oz Beverage Glasses

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