Thursday, April 24

Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare Facial Steamer: by Secura

Good Bye Dirty Pores
Hello Clean Face

Thank you Lafraise for the best facial steamer I've ever tried!

Secura Nano Ionic
Today, I've reviewed an awesome super fine, hot steam that will open your pores allowing you to get out that dirt, grime, and oil from the pores.  It's called the Secura Nano Ionic NanoCare.  This is at first the finest way to get those pores around the nose open without burning yourself from the steam.  

If you ever felt the steam when heading into a hot/warm shower, you would notice how it opens those pores for easy cleaning. This product will keeps your face exactly like getting into a nice hot shower every time. The steam is so well directed to the face that you get the right amount in the direction.
Where you place water,
allows 8-10minutes of seam


The ease of preparing it and how sturdy it is, no tipping over . The cord is a nice length for a little distance as well.  The Secura Nano Steamer is white with a lovely rose design where the steam is coming out of.  It was very fast to notice the pores opening and clears the nostril out as well. I felt refreshed and it didn't take so long to get the steam flowing.  You won't be disappointed with this product.
Long power cord

Some important info to note:

  • Your given a 1-year Warranty and its only possible to use in a 120V electrical outlet. 
  • Can be used in place of exfoliating and chemical peels 
  • Also a great interior humidifier, very powerful

If you would love to purchase this wonderful facial steamer, than check it out here: Secura-Ionic-NanoCare-Facial-Steamer/

Thank You 

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