Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Ozeri WeightMaster II

Ozeri WeightMaster II 

440 lbs Digital Bath Scale with BMI and Weight Differential Detection
by Ozeri

I would like to first thank the Ozeri company for the product I have here today to give this review.

The WeightMaster II Digital Bath Scale is one of those products that will out do any scale with its high tech capabilities.  From my first use of this product I ' ve noticed how simple it was to get a clear reading of my weight and as well as be able to see the numbers displayed by the large viewing screen. One exciting part was to see the color of the screen change the next day. I know you probably are wondering what I mean by colors. The scale actually has a way to alert you from your daily weigh-ins. The digital screen will turn either red for weight gain or green for weight loss. I know everyone would love to see the green color daily, and by that you can tell if your improving.

So now that I told you one of the nifty perks of this scale, I'd like to share the rest. If you ever read about a BMI, then you know that its your Body Mass Index( the body fat measurement based on your height and weight). For some its hard to go just by height and weight because some carry alot of muscle and you could be the same height and weight and still be considered having the same amount of fat as someone who has less muscle, same weight ,and height . However, I think its always a great idea to know where you are on the BMI measurement, since it tells you if your in the safe weight zone verse the danger zones ( big health will follow). This is also alerted on the screen with your weight.

The few other features I've noticed on this scale is that is has the ability to recall  the changes from your last weigh-in as well as the last 3, last 7, and last 30 weigh-ins. You will end up with an average to see where you stand in total after all those days.  I think of this scale as the feedback scale, since It gives you all the information you need to know and lights up if your doing well or if your not. 

Of course, the scale is protected from any odor or growth from bacteria. So its safe for everyone to step on and won't lead to anyone to get sick.  Also, The WeightMaster II comes with the hassle-free guarantee that you will be satisfied. Ozeri always has you covered no matter what, because they want you to be happy and focus on creating products to fit our life styles. 

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