Monday, April 7


Preschool Kids Games & Kid Puzzles
by Kids Academy

Today I have for you a wonderful app from Kids Academy,It's called Preschool Kids Games & Kid' Puzzles.  This is a great learning tool for children  ages 5 and under.  The actual app is now updated for those who may already have it. A bunch of the games on this app is based on learning the alphabet as well as numbers, which benefit the kids to learn faster and be able to read as well as write at a younger age.

When you open the app and try one of the games, you are provided with directions to every game. You will notice the voice is a woman's voice which is clear and not hard at all to hear.
A few of the games that I've tried were actually helpful in many ways. One was to trace the letters in the alphabet starting with A, another was to learn to write each number starting with 1 correctly, and another I tried from the app was the image of objects that begin with the letters in the alphabet.

In my opinion, each one was very helpful in providing your child with understanding what each letter and number looks like.Also, in the tracing of the numbers or letters the child is also learning how to write them as well as pronounce them too. They only allow you to move on from each letter or number once you correctly write them as outlined. To me that seems very helpful because it allows your kid to understand how to be able to write a perfect letter and not mix it up with another.

Now, that is only a few of the games in this app. There are a bunch of others as well to help your child learn and improve day after day. Finally I'd like to say, It helps so much for a child to understand and learn faster with this app. Kids Academy really did a great job with this app.

Thank you Kids Academy for this terrific app!
You are able to find this app here on iTunes: Preschool Kids games and Kid Puzzles

Compatibility: Requires iOS 4.3 or later.
Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.
This app is optimized for iPhone 5.

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Thank You

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