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eShakti clothing for every woman

Customize Your Style 
with eShakti

It's true us women always enjoy getting dressed up and looking our best. Unfortunately, our best may cost more than we can afford. That's when I went out on a search and found eShakti, a shop that only gives the best clothing for half the price of another online site. They provide the best dresses and tops for any occasion and for all sizes. However, there is more to eShakti than any other online shop. I am talking about the ability to change your choice the way you want it because they give you the ability to customize your design.  You don't have to wish what your dream dress would look like because you can customize it! 

I first entered the site and notice the choice of Dresses, Tops, Skirts, Jackets, and so many different styles to start off with.  I chose the simple pink floral dress. which is very beautiful and feels like I'm wearing a feather because its so light, breathable and not expensive at all!  However, eShakti is known for great deals for dresses and any article of women clothing you see on their site.  No more paying double or triple for a beautiful piece. 
So when I chose my dress and went to purchase, I noticed the customize page. This page you have the chance to switch the look up just a bit. You get to choose your perfect size and than you get to customize the sleeves and dress length. They even give you the chance to choose your height so its at a perfect length for your body. For the dress I chose, my customization was to add a V-neck instead of a round neck on this dress and to remove any pockets.  I kept it simple and because the dress looked so good that I just wanted to fix it only a little.

I hope you can go and check this site out for the wonderful designs and gorgeous colors they provide, plus the low price on every piece of clothing.

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A little extra info about the company and what they do:
1. eShakti is pronounced - e-shack-tee
2. Meaning of the name - Shakti means power in Sanskrit.   eShakti therefore means the power of the net.
3. We offer sizes 0-36W & Custom
4. FREE customization on ALL first-time orders
5. In addition to the size and style personalization, for the first time by any apparel brand, we also offer the choice to have embellishments or not & pockets or not!
6. We ship across the USA & Canada
7. We customize every order to the height, size & style specifications and deliver in 14 business days (18 calendar days) from order
8. We have a no-questions-asked, hassle-free returns policy

 Real Fashion for Real People

Thank You 

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