Friday, April 4

Argan Oil Review

100% Pure Argan Oil
by Natural Beauty

Thank you Natural Beauty for a sample product to do a review on.

Today I have for you a review on 100% Pure Argan Oil by Natural beauty. This product is used to benefit and help replenish your dry skin, fix that dry brittle hair, and just transform you to appear more youthful.

After I tried this product, I noticed it absorbed into my skin quickly and made it feel smooth and soft for hours! I also was reading up on this product and notice that you can actually digest it. So what I found out about the benefits of swallowing some is that it may help fight obesity and diseases, plus it's said to be pleasant in taste. I also found out that most people prefer Argan Oil over olive oil. Therefore, I think I might give it a try, and use it in place of olive oil to see what may benefit from it. I really enjoy a product like this, multipurpose and natural.  

For me, there are many products I love, but only a few that have the ability to be used for a variety of things. What I already enjoy about 100% Pure Argan Oil is that its great for my hands, since I wash them a lot and end up having very dry hands as well as my nails begin to peel. This product actually saved my hands and my skin from becoming overly dry and rough.

Here is some great benefits and information about Argan Oil, if you never really heard of this product:

Argan Oil- is sourced from a tough and drought resistant                        tree found in southwestern Moroco. This oil was used                    by the ancient Morocco people for generations. Argan                  oil has been not prized for taste but for health and                          beauty benefits. The benefits range from wrinkles,                          psoriasis, eczema, and more. You can also use this as a                 oil in recipes, on your hair, face and  skin as you please.
Terrific product and great for all skin types. I absolutely Love it!
If your interested in this product 100% Organic & Pure Argan Oil, then check it out here:

100% Pure Argan Oil

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