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First I want to give a big thanks out to the Audiovox company for the product to review.

Now I know many of you have always enjoyed taking selfies with your mobile phone or trying to get a group picture as well. However, it never comes out as perfect as you want it too. Maybe after a few shots, but still wouldn't you want it to come out well in the first shot or two.

Well I am glad to say you can get those gorgeous shots of yourself and your friends or family with this wonderful gizmo. Audiovox came out with a gadget that connects with your android phone and iphone to give you those shots from a distance of 60', better shutter control, and runs on battery for a good 5 years before needs changing. Why go out and buy a large camera to get a portrait shot or a moment you want to capture when you can just get a ShutterBall to aid in your gorgeous photos, it will save you more in the long run.
ShutterBall + Stand

With the ShutterBall I received in the mail is the color Pink and the box has a stand for your phone as well. I was easily able to set the app up on my phone, which you can get on google play or itunes. Now I'm ready to snap those photos or videos, that I love taking.

If your interested for yourself to give a gift or buy yourself something that won't cost you 100+ dollars to get those photos, then take a look at the Shutterball site below as well as friend them on twitter and facebook for some awesome giveaways and news.


If your interested in Shutterball then make sure your compatible
Apple: All Apple devices supporting Bluetooth v4.0 running iOS6.0 or later. iPhone5S/5C/5, 4S, iPad Air iPad mini/iPad2, iPod Touch 5th Generation or later Android Smartphone: All Android Smart phones supporting Bluetooth v4.0 running Android OS 4.3 or later. Galaxy Note3/Note2, GalaxyS4, S3, Round Google Nexus 5, Nexus 7

Thank You

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