Saturday, March 29, 2014

RiceWrap Foods


I first want to thank the RiceWrap Food Corporation for allowing me to review this terrific product.

The product I have here for review is known as Slice Of Rice. This is one of RriceWrap's sushi products that you can make at home. I first want to share with you that this company has been known for offering the best sushi products for any sushi lover. Here is what makes their sushi a lot better than the other products out on the market:
  •       No Cane Sugars
  •       Organic Vinegar
  •       Low Sodium
  •       No preservatives
  •       No High Fructose corn syrup
  •       No MSG
  •       California sourced rice
  •       Easy to roll
  •       Great for using your leftovers – no food waste
  •       Fun

From that list I only can tell you that your family will enjoy sushi more often without thinking twice about the food your feeding them. Slice of Rice is what you want on your plate because it's all Real Food, Fresh Ingredients, and Healthy Restaurant Sushi at home. It's always wonderful to know what's in the food and what is not, and RiceWrap Foods give you just that.

From the first use of Slice Of Rice, I've notice you basically have everything there that you need in the package. Plus you get the the directions to prepare sushi, which is super easy to understand and follow. The only thing you have to add is your favorite veggies, fruits, fish, or whatever you enjoy in sushi. Therefore, you can be happy and serve that family the restaurant style meal you made all yourself with less work time required and health in mind. 

Finally, I would like to share that they really do care for us and support the use of lower fat and cholesterol foods. So if your interested in sushi and bring the family a meal you made all your own than you can find the RiceWrap products from retail outlets all over. 

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