Monday, March 31

Raw Revolution Bars

4 New Raw Revolution Bars

Thank you Raw Indulgence LTD for the wonderful samples of your 4 new products.

Today's review is a treat! I was able to review 4 new Raw Revolution Bars, which in total of what they make would be 14 bars. However, each bar is made of high quality ingredients like antioxidant rich sprouted flax seeds in every bar, and also offer spirulina, chlorella, barley, oat, and wheat grass. Down below I listed the 4 bars I recieved and what they have inside of them.

The 4 bars:


* Dates, cashews, agave nectar, chocolate chunks ( cane sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin vanilla extract) coconut sunflower seed kernels, cranberries ( apple juice, cranberries) peanuts, almonds, chia seeds, sprouted Flax seed powder, sea salt. 


* Peanuts, dates, agave nectar, chocolate chunks (cane sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract) Chia seeds, sprouted flax seed powder, sea salt.


*Dates coconut, cranberries( apple juice, cranberries) cashews, sunflower seed kernels, agave nectar, almonds, chia seeds, sprouted flax seed powder.


*  Cashews, agave nectar, dates, sunflower seed kernels, cocoa powder processed with alkali, chocolate chunks ( cane sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla extract) almonds, chia seeds, sprouted flax seed powder.

In my opinion, these bars are absolutely delicious! Like having a treat anytime of the day without the worry of guilt. With that said, I'm not a big coconut fan but even the coconut bars are tasty.  You really get nice pieces of REAL FOOD, like the nuts and seeds and fruits that you can see in each bar. 

If your looking for something vegan, gluten free, kosher, non GMO, organic, full of fiber and protein than these healthy, wholesome bars are for you. They do have 10 other flavors and with these 4 makes it 14 total. So you really can find what flavor your craving, with the choices they have for you. Also to note that these bars are made with 70% -100% raw ingredients, depending on the type you buy. One thing you can be proud to not find in the ingredients is that it comes with any processed sugars like the cheap bars that are filled with corn syrup.  

If interested please check them out here: RAWREV . You'll get more information about new and upcoming products and news. Also you could find these bars for purchase on amazon, or at your local health food store, stop and shop and other retailers. They can also be purchased directly on Rawrev as well.
Finally, between you and me I think you'll fall in love with it after one bite and never go back to those cheap store candy bars.

Thank You 

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