Sunday, March 23

Raw Food Diet


Hi everyone this post is a bit different, not reviewing anything in particular just my diet approach.  I know most of you have heard of a raw food diet and even more the 80-10-10 diet as well.  I myself have tried to go along those lines, but find I'm better off doing my own plan.  

If you ever been on a diet or took any healthy approach, then you know to stay for on long term you will need to enjoy the food, the work out if any is required, and just anything else you might have to take or do while on this plan.  Therefore, I came to the conclusion to try to find my PERFECT plan.  Something I can stick too and not make me feel like I'm restricted to one way of living.  I wanted a plan that didn't change my daily routine up. I mean I work out, but not much and I don't think its the main thing for being healthy. I feel its more for appearance, to build your personal look.  I normally a little jogging, running, and walking with little to no weights every day and I try to stretch before any activity to keep my body flexible.

Now for the food, I find myself heading to this RAW plan and here's why:

  1. My body blows up and breaks out with grains and packaged carbs
  2. My body is very intolerant to dairy
  3. I hate having to see anything with blood and getting food that is under cooked
  4. I get very ill eating meat and end up stuck in the bathroom all day long
  5. I feel my mood changes with the fruit that I eat 
  6. My digestive system works better and faster on Raw allowing me to eat unlimited amounts
  7. Avocados are delicious raw and I love dried fruit

So I guess those are my reasons to head to a Raw food approach. I don't plan to be perfect in any diet because I rather it be made to fit me.  I hate following other's rules because I feel it fits one person or a few not everyone. Therefore, I custom my own plan and make it work for me.

I don't know I think I might stay this way for a while. However I can say my body is getting smaller even tho I'm already very slim, I don't bloat out anymore, and I'm never feeling ill anymore.  I also have a few shots of what I've been eating and first I started with eating a cooked and raw vegan diet and didn't feel as good as raw. 

here's what I was having on a cooked, mixed vegan diet:
vegan sausage patties on top of steamed spinach, corn broccoli, cauliflower, fresh spinach, seasoned onion powder and black pepper wit some fresh romaine lettuce

Low carb grain blended wraps with a vegan pizza burger and few sausage links and butter lettuce.

Banana and vanilla almond milk smoothie

Sausage links corn steamed and fresh lettuce

and now for my raw approach:
Bartlett pear with soaked raisins( nice and plump) fresh cantaloupe slices and a banana

Cantaloupe quarter with half  avocado , corn raw defrosted from frozen, and banana

 I seem to find that I love to enjoy more Avocado and that's whats keeping me sticking to this plan as well as corn. I can't stand too much sweet fruits because of my sensitive mouth. So when I can have fresh avocados with my meals and corn either off the cob or on, then I will be staying on this plan longer and reaping the benefits.  As I so far have lost weight and haven't gained yet eating more than I normally would and not counting or changing up my work out routine. Also, its only been two days on a raw food approach.  

Finally, I want to end this with allowing you to comment on what you love to eat and how you feel about dieting or what is working for you. Maybe we can all share what we know and exchange thoughts.<3 b="">