Monday, March 31

Rainbow Rubber Band Refill

The 2400 Rainbow Rubber
 Band Loom Refill Kit 

Thank you Rainbow Braid for the terrific product for review.

Today, I had a chance to review a wonderful product by a company known as Rainbow Braid, they support creativity and fun for the entire family. They have been creating the fantastic Rainbow Braid Rubber Bands, which you can get in large quantities for all your fun rainbow jewelry making.  From my experience with this product I received and the reviews on their page I can see why they are a known brand for creating strong and safe latex rubber bands. There are no bleeds in any of the colors, the bands are strong and sturdy, and they come with 150 clips for ending your creation.

As you can see in the picture, the 2400 bands of Rainbow Band colors are terrific in the kit.  You are in control,  the choices are up to you on the combinations. For example, if your into hockey maybe the Flyers, then create a black and orange with white rubber band bracelet to support the team or maybe just a few colors you love and adore for yourself, the possibilities are endless. Also for the birthdays coming up, this is the perfect gift for that Rainbow loom creator you know.  With that said, everyone will smile with this kit because it's not only enough to make a bunch of jewelry but its got so many colors that you can have fun choosing what combination your going to make next. 

In my experience, my cousin and I are so in love with this kit. It's so much fun to make beautiful jewelry for the entire family as well as yourself. Since being a huge color fan, I can match my bracelets I make to any outfit as well as create new color combinations for new creations.  

If your interested and maybe have that daughter or friend who would love some strong latex, safe Rainbow Rubber Bands then you can find the 2400 refill pack here: 2400 Rainbow Rubber Bands Refill
If by any chance you need a larger package of Rainbow Bands than Rainbow Braid has got you covered, check out their entire page for your selection.
You can find that here: Rainbow Braid

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